Moving is predominantly a business that is dominated by men, when relocating either by using professionals or on your own it can definitely be hard work. It could be relocating furniture to a new home, moving a car from one destination to another or moving a granny flat from one property to another, regardless what you are moving, a big part of the process is male dominated.  Being an industry that is unbalanced, it can sometimes be difficult to resolve moving issues or feel powerless in circumstances of a particular move.

There are many instances in the moving industry where consumers are being taken advantage of. Complaints are on the rise and due to a highly unregulated industry; transporters are taking advantage of loop holes and causing unnecessary stress for consumers, especially those who are women. Complaints range from transporters not arriving or delivering on time, additional fees and charges requiring settlement before delivery, bullying tactics and damages to high value items such as cars and vehicles during transit.

According to professional car transport comparison website, consumers should do their research and read reviews on businesses before choosing a vehicle transport company or any transport company in the moving industry. Consumers have the power to choose who they select for their vehicle moving requirements; a big part of choosing the right company is to do your homework on them. Every car carrying company will tell you how good they are and why you should go with them, but it is the research you do beforehand that counts towards a smooth move.

Tips for a Wise Move

Don’t pay transporters upfront -There is no reason for any moving company to request for full payment upfront. Those who are requesting a large sum to be paid at initial stages should set off alarm bells, there are plenty of fly by night operators who are happy to take your money and valuable possessions leaving your with a bad experience.

Don’t go with the cheapest moving quote – Consumers are generally cautious about paying too much when it comes to relocating. Moving can be expensive and relocating high value items such as classic, prestige or luxury cars do come at a price. There are significant costs involved in any transport business, those who offer the lowest cheapest quote would not offer the same quality of service and care than reputable car carriers.

Understand the moving contract – Moving contracts are a legal document and any disputes would be referred to the initial moving contract. Before signing, ensure you understand what is in agreement and what happens if either party breaches the agreement.  All fees and additional charges should be outlined in the contract, it is important to understand these fees, don’t sign if you don’t agree.

Get insurance for your possessions – There are plenty of transporters out there who state that transit insurance is included in the quoted price of relocation. This is a major selling point, however what consumers are unaware of is that the transit insurance is only valid if the transport truck is in an accident, it is there to protect the transport company in the event a truck flips. It is highly recommended that consumers engage a transit insurance specialist to ensure their possessions are covered for accidental breakage and damage whilst in transit.