Women all around the world are becoming more stressed and unhappy in the modern day society. The intense pressure of a fast paced lifestyle in both the real world and online across social media platforms is becoming all too much for many to bear. Whether it be work commitments, financial responsibilities, pressure of raising children or relationship dramas, it may be time to take a step back and truly listen to what your body is telling you.

Emotions serve a wide range of purposes and play and important role in how we think and behave. Women are emotional human beings and our emotions tell our body how we feel and encourage us to take certain actions and influence the decisions we make in our daily lives.

It is wise to understand our emotions to take advantage of what our body is trying to tell us, there are multiple benefits to be had ranging from health, career, relationship and happiness .  Take a little time to interpret what it is your body is trying to translate to improve certain parts of your life.


Far too many of us are simply encouraged to take a trip to the local general practitioner when we are not feeling well, only to be given a bottle of antibiotics to ingest for the length of a week or two. Instead of getting to the root cause, Western medicine and modern society has programmed us to cover up our health conditions with medication for quick relief and fixes.  By listening to our bodies we know that we should take adequate rest and eat a better balanced diet when we feel vulnerable. Try changing your diet and incorporating more greens and vegetables, reduce preservatives and genetically engineered foods, try organic produce. A major part of how we feel is about what we put into our bodies.


Take the time to re-evaluate your career and work arrangements. Going to work is a big part of any one’s life so you would want to ensure you do enjoy a majority of what you do. Are you happy with your job or the environment your work in? Is it no longer enjoyable and causing unnecessary stress? Often the sacrifices we put in at work can cause other aspects of our lives to suffer. Reduced family time, happiness among family members, anxiety or financial commitments is all signs that you need to stop and listen to yourself. It may not be worth it and a sign to move on.


Love and commitment is one of life’s joy, being able to share your life with another person requires a lot of give and take. Understand what is important to one another and be true to yourself. Being in a relationship where you cannot give your fullest commitment it not wise and unfair to yourself and the other party. Be true to yourself and understand your feelings, the undue stress may cause mental health issues in the long term.


Your body can indicate the level of happiness within. If you are experiencing stress, weight gain, depression, insomnia, hormone irregularities, anxiety or episodes of random outburst, you may want to ask yourself if unhappiness is causing these issues. Follow your heart and translate what your body is telling you to overcome these issues.

By listening to your emotions and reading the messages your body is giving, it can change different parts of your life for the better. No one deserves to live a life filled with regret and unhappiness. Only when you confront what your body is telling you, pure bliss will be on the other side.